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At most plausible oil prices and seed yields, pongamia oil is not expected to be economically viable. Article pdf available in journal of pharmaceutical sciences and research 33. Pongamia oil powerpoint presentation biodiesel diesel fuel. Pongamia pinnata is an evergreen tree commonly found through out india and serves an excellent feedstock for sustainable biodiesel production. The growth of pongamia pinnata is seen from sea level to an altitude of around 1200 m and an. Production of biofuel from pongamia and its performance. Pongamia risk assessment department of agriculture and. Milettia pinnata could be utilized to produce biofuel while restoring degraded land. Pongam tree aka, pongamia pinnata, millettia pinnata, pongamia, honge tree, karanj tree, and indian beech tree is a deciduous legume that grows up to about 50 to 80 feet tall and is native to subtropical regions. One project in roma, queensland, looked at the use of pongamia trees as a biodiesel source, while offsetting excess water produced on local gas fields. Karanja pongamia pinnata and jatropha jatropha curcas are two oilseed. These non edible oil seeds are also used for lightning purpose at night. Biodiesel has a high flash point, it does not produce explosive airfuel vapors it has very low toxicity and it is biodegradable.

Contains more information on pongamia, including much of what is on this site. Pongamia tree is another biofuel source ag professional. The genetic diversity has been conserved through storage of seeds which is the most common conventional and economical method 11, 12. Pongamia pinnata oil oil seed plants for biodiesel. Various parts of pongamia are used in medicinal and other applications. Currently pongamia millettia represents the best all round sustainable solution for. Its native range is uncertain, with conflicting information in the published literature. It is important to note that crude pongamia oil was used in this study for biodiesel preparation and since the degree of refinement of the vegetable oil affects the yield of ester formation freedman et al. Sustainable approach to produce bioethanol from karanja. Biodiesel produced from pongamia oil has been considered as promising option for. Transesterification of pongamia pinnata oil into biodiesel.

A study of performance and characteristics of diesel. Pongamia oil powerpoint presentation free download as powerpoint presentation. The catalyst was further characterized by scanning electron microscopy sem, xray diffraction xrd, attenuated total reflection fourier transform atrftir, energy dispersive xray spectroscopies edx and bet surface area analysis to evaluate its performance. Pongamia millettia pinnata, formerly known as pongamia pinnata, is a treeshrub with a broad distribution from india, through central and southeastern asia, indonesia and into northern australia. Pongamia as a source of biodiesel in india semantic scholar. Manufacturer of pongamia biodiesel pongamia biodiesel project services, pongamia biodiesel farm development package, pongamia plantation monitoring management and pongamia biodiesel business plan 100 ha offered by advanced biofuel center, jaipur, rajasthan. Hence complete combustion of fuel in the engine inhibits with the presence of oxygen ions in the biodiesel. Pierre is a fastgrowing leguminous tree with the potential for high oil seed production and the added benef. Biodiesel production from pongamia pinnata oil using.

Study of combustion and performance characteristics on. Pongamia is an ancient tree that is native to australia and india. Lower emissions of biodiesel compared with petro diesel when comparing biodiesel performance to that of convention diesel fuels, horsepower is not noticeably different. Due to excessive exploitation, the fossil fuels are depleting rapidly and have created a need for alternate fuel. Biodiesel synthesis from pongamia pinnata oil over. The results obtained are also compared with the jatropha curcas biodiesel and waste cooking biodiesel. Flash point for biodiesel was high, so it is safe to store compare with diesel. The work also includes the impact analysis of pongamia oil and its biodiesel on engine performance and exhaust emission. Terviva is heading up the plantings and is talking with pacific biodiesel to possibly use their processing plant, though terviva could make biodiesel with their current.

Preparation of methyl ester biodiesel from karanja. Jpd1 jatropha biodiesel 5% and pongamia biodiesel 5%, diesel 90% by volume, jpd2 jatropha biodiesel 10%. For annual seed yields ranging from 20 to 80 kg in shell per tree, the delivered cost of. An experimental investigation of karanja biodiesel production in. Bioprocess optimization for biodiesel production from.

Table 1 is adapted from a common view of the opportunities, challenges and research actions for pongamia in australia pdf, 2. Research paper performance characteristics of di ci. I engine t venkateswara rao1, g prabhakara rao2 and k hema chandra reddy3 corresponding author. Fuel consumption is high for biodiesel blends compared to. Direct adventitious shoot bud formation on hypocotyls explants in millettia pinnata l. Non edible pongamia pinnata biodiesel blended with diesel were tested for their use as substitute fuels for diesel. In our country there are more than 300 species of trees, which produce oil bearing trees. Fuel properties of transesterified pongame oil chemically known as methyl esters biodiesel were. Pdf pongamia pinnata karanja biodiesel as an alternative fuel. Pongamia pinnata tree is basically a tropical evergreen tree initially originates in india for first time.

Millettia pinnata is a species of tree in the pea family, fabaceae, native to eastern and tropical asia, australia and pacific islands. A non edible oil seeds and various vegetable oils including palm oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and canola oil have been used to produce biodiesel fuel and lubricants. Pdf biodiesel synthesis from pongamia pinnata oil by. Capital budgeting and cash flow analysis was conducted for a potential pongamia plantation and crushing plant in queensland, australia. A candidate tree for biodiesel feedstock article pdf available in energy sources part a recovery utilization and environmental effects 3714. The oil was extracted from seeds by use of different solvents and the highest yield 29% was. The physico chemical parameters such as moisture, iodine. Pdf biodiesel production using karanjapongamia pinnataand. Panigrahi a biodiesel producing medicinal tree species. The seed of pongamia pinnata which is popularly known as karanja in hindi and indian beech in english is very much available in region of the assam, northeast india. It shows the cost of production of pongamia oil for two different yield scenarios over a.

In india, pongamia pinnata is known as honge in kannada word or karanja in hindi, and it is majorly used to prepare biodiesel by using. Pongamia biodiesel pongamia biodiesel project services. The seeds of pongamia pinnata were collected from the assam engineering college. Biodiesel is an alternative fuel made from renewable biological resources such as, vegetable oil and animal fat. In hawaii, pongamia trees are being farmed for the first time in experimental plots in oahu to help meet hawaiis biofuel needs, specifically for biodiesel and jet fuel. Production of biodiesel from high free fatty acid karanja pongamia pinnata oil. Effect of pongamia biodiesel on emission and combustion.

This study confirmed that the copper strip test alone is not enough to determine the fuel property since the. Pongamia pinnata trees are normally planted along the highways, roads, canals to stop soil erosion. Pongamia seeds are known to contain 30%35% oil in the present paper, lca study of pongamia for investigating the environmental sustainability as biofuel feed stock has been presented this study is a case specific lca of a small scale biodiesel production system using pongamia oil in. Main objectives of the study are feasibility of karanja oil for the production of biodiesel, optimization of different parameters for high. The chemical characteristics of pongamia pinnata seeds, focussing on proximate composition and the fatty acid profile of its oil, are presented. Influence of key properties of pongamia biodiesel on. Production of biodiesel from high free fatty acid karanja. The oil from the dried seed of pongamia pinnata was extracted and then biodiesel is produced by transesterification method and blends with the petroleum diesel for. Life cycle assessment of biodiesel production from pongamia. Feasibility study on thermal cracking of pongamia pinnata. Pongamia millettia pinnata has been widely studied as a potential feedstock for biodiesel fuel, though little is known about its feasibility at a commercial level. The calcium methoxide was synthesized as catalyst from quick lime for biodiesel production of pongamia pinnata p. Initially onestep transesterification of pongamia oil 4, 5 was also tried and was compared for biodiesel production and down steam processing efficacy to that of 2stage transesterification.

William kusch explains what pongomia trees are and how their oil. Economics of oil production from pongamia millettia pinnata for. Research article physico chemical analysis of pongamia. Millettia pinnata, also known as pongamia pinnata or pongamia glabra, is common throughout asia and thus has many different names in different languages, many of which have come to be used in english to describe the seed oil derived from m. Detail study on the properties of pongamia pinnata. Pongamia pinnata, belonging to the family leguminosae, is a prominent species having nonedible oilseed that can be grown easily in available wastelands. The pongamia tree seed containing 27% 39% oil was taken in the present study for the production of biodiesel by transesterification using base catalyst naoh and acid catalyst h2so4. Back in australia, researchers have been working to determine the potential for the pongamia tree to be grown on a commercial scale. International journal of chemical engineering hindawi. Pdf on sep 26, 2008, malaya kumar naik and others published biodiesel production using karanjapongamia pinnataand jatropha. Pongamia pinnata is one of the few nitrogenfixing trees which are predominantly cultivated easily through seeds.

Effect of dee injection in pongamia pinnata biodiesel. The oil extracts exhibited good physic chemical properties and could be used as a biodiesel feedstock and industrial application. Pongamia oil is derived from the seeds of the millettia pinnata tree, which is native to tropical and temperate asia. Jatropha and pongamia blends contain oxygen molecules in the fuel. Pongamia pinnata karanja,moha, undi, castor, saemuruba, cotton seed etc. Abstract pongame oil is nonedible oil extracted from seeds of pongamia pinnata l. Transesterification for the preparation of biodiesel from crudeoil of pongamia pinnata by a. Pongamia biomass producer bioenergy information for. The collection and extraction of oil is carried out by indian biodiesel corporation, baramati. The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of key properties of pongamia biodiesel on engine performance, combustion, and emission characteristics of direct injection diesel engine. Because of the presences of saturated and unsaturated fatty acid composition about 20. As research continues to mount in an effort to find lowcost breeding, cultivation and harvesting methods of nonfoodbased oil bearing crops such as jatropha, castor, moringa and algae for biodiesel production, calif.

It is often known by the synonym pongamia pinnata as it was moved to the genus millettia only recently. Pongamia pinnata based community biodiesel project in. Pongamia pinnata is a native to many countries including india, malaysia, indonesia, taiwan, bangladesh, sri lanka and myanmar. This research is aimed at the utilization of pongamia pinnata karanja, a nonedible feedstock from the state of sarawak, malaysia, to produce. This study investigates the potential of pongame oil as an alternative source of bioenergy biodiesel. Another biofuel crop has come to the forefront as a california company, terviva inc. Prospect of pongamia pinnata karanja in bangladesh. The compatibility of pongamia pinnata biodiesel pbd and its nacl blends on aluminium, brass, copper, carbon steel, and mild steel has been studied by static mass loss and rotating cage methods.

Optimization of alkalicatalyzed transesterification of pongamia pinnata oil for production of biodiesel. However, the queensland herbarium currently considers. The fossil fuels, which are the main sources of energy, are nonrenewable. In advancing modern world, the recent technological advancements especially in the field of automobile and industrial sectors have created a hike in energy demand.

It is a tree of 1215 m height, with spread branches. Proximate composition and fatty acid profile of pongamia. Also the airfuel ratio decrease with increase in the concentration of pongamia oil in the blends. Conclusion the major fatty acids in pongamia pinnata crude oil were palmic acid, stearic acid, lenoleic acid, ecosenoic acid observed. It was observed that the airfuel ratio decreases with an increase in the load for all fuels.

The effects of dissolved oxygen and flow on the metal corrosion in pbd were also observed. Terviva is a local biomass feedstock producer who grows pongamia trees and harvest the seed for its oil. Small amount of biodiesel jatropha and pongamia added with the. Economics of oil production from pongamia millettia. Biodiesel synthesis from pongamia pinnata oil over modified ceo 2 catalysts venkatesh,1,2 sathgatta zaheeruddin mohamed shamshuddin,1,2 manjunatha shyamsundar,1,2 vanagoor thammannigowda vasanth1 1 chemistry research laboratory, hms institute of technology, nh4, kyathsandra, tumkur, karnataka, india. The pongamia pinnatais known for its multipurpose benefits as timber and fuel12. Production of biofuel from pongamia and its performance on ciengine 591 4. The key properties of the pongamia biodiesel such as viscosity. Optimization of alkalicatalyzed transesterification of. The tranesterification process is the reaction of triglyceride fatoil with an alcohol in the presence of acidic, alkaline or lipase as a catalyst to form mono alkyl ester that is biodiesel and glycerol. Preparation of methyl ester biodiesel from karanja pongamia pinnata oil bobade s. Tomorrows biofuels grown in hawaii terviva the power.

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