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Western scholarship on ladakh falls into two distinct phases. The settled population lives between 2,700 m and 4,500 m, and in nomadic encampments even higher. It is sometimes called little tibet, because it has been. The indus with its tributaries acts is the lifeline for ladakhs scanty population. It is probably the best intro reading if you are interested in geography, history, nature, culture, tibetan buddhism, way of life, sightseeing etc. It is extremely well informed,comprehensive in scope and most readable. Ladakh is wellknown for its remote mountain scenery. You can do a trek where you see beautiful monasteries.

Kashmir a disputed legacy alastair lamb on free shipping on qualifying offers. More recently, hanle is the home of hanle observatory, one of the worlds highest. What is remarkable with this book is that it covers almost all aspects of life of what rizvi describes in the first edition 1983 as a little known corner of the buddhist world, existing in isolation in india. Da oscuro villaggio di pastori tra i colli del lazio a. Ladakh, open to tourism only since 1974, is a land of high passes, bounded by the karakoram and the mighty himalayas. Their language is an archaic dialect of the tibetan language. Its slightly smaller than scotland, and is the largest, but least populated, region of jammu and kashmir. Adhering to the guidelines can help curb emission of harmful gases from airconditioning system, while electtrical conserving water. Ladakh, the land of passes, surrounded by the gigantic mountain walls is a sparsely populated region of jammu and kashmir.

During colonial rule the high mountain region of ladakh was at the core of one important trade and transit route from the subcontinent to central asia. Ladakh land of high passes is a region in northern india. Despite extreme topography, and a highly variable cold desert climate, agriculturalists have strategically managed the. Focuses on changes since 1996, including kargil war. Janet rizvi shows how buddhism and islam met at this highaltitude crossroads to form a unique culture, and discusses the regions history, rich oral tradition, economy, literature, and artifacts. Indeed ladakh has been a crossroads of high asia for centuries9, and is inhabited by various populations that came. Herodotus also mentions the golddigging ants of central asia, which is also mentioned in connection with the dardi people by nearchus, the admiral of. From the midnineteenth century until indian independence in 1947, the region came under colonial influence. Trade at the crossroads of continents home penn museum. The silk road and trade overland trade caravan routes were a vital feature of central asia, linking east with west, and also connecting regions to the south. King tashi namgyal 15551575 managed to repel most central asian raiders, and built a royal fort on the top of the namgyal peak. Crossroads of high asia book online at low prices in. This book has been accepted as a standard work since its first appearance in 1983. It contains a detailed analysis of the economic and social change that has taken place since 1974.

Ladakh covers an area of 97,000 sq kms, and has an average elevation of 3,500 m. The political ecology of road construction in ladakh by jonathan demenge 43 patrick kaplanian garsha, heart land of the dakinis. Ladakh is a mountainous region in northeast jammu and kashmir in north india and in the area known as the transhimalaya the lands beyond the himalaya. Rather, ladakh was a cultural crossroads in asia, a conduit for trade and interaction for thousands of years. It is inhabited by a mix of indoaryan and tibetan people.

Ladakh, on the tibetan plateau, lies on the rain shadow side of the himalaya and is not affected by the monsoon season in india. The earliest layer in the population of ladakh probably comprised the dardi. It is located between the kunlun mountain range in the north and the main himalayas to the south. Samira amarir and abdalrahman abulmajd about jenna the jarald more at author central. Crossroads of high asia 3rd edition, by janet rizvi. There are a million different possibilities in ladakh.

Ladakh, last outpost of tibetan civilization, is isolated from the rest of india as well as tibet by the worlds highest mountains. It has been described as a constellation of villages within the crossroads of asia pelliciardi 2010. Crossroads of high asia pdf free video dailymotion. Although ladakh formerly was a thriving trading crossroads, with the chinese governments closing of borders to tibet and central asia, it declined in prominence. As will be seen, the ladakhi kingdom clearly was founded on a tibetan buddhist model and in that sense can be. Ladakh crossroads of high asia pdf this authoritatively written book is the first to study ladakh, the celebrated last outpost of tibetan civilization. The namgyal dynasty of ladakh was founded by bhagan, a basgo king, who reunited ladakh by overthrowing the king of leh. This authoritatively written book is the first to study ladakh, the celebrated last outpost of tibetan civilization. Its natural scenic beauty and high passes which wit nessed the ancient trade fair that continued for centuries has enabled to attract people. Ladakh is the highest plateau of the indian state of kashmir with much of it being over 3,000 m 9,800 ft. Monitoring the application of occupational safety and health rules and reducing the risks to the corporations electricity and water facilities, staff regulztion contractors. In this changing scenario, the reprint of janet rizvis book, crossroads of high asia fulfills an essential space.

Ladakh has a population density of three people per square kilometer. Divided into accessible chapters designed to give a holistic picture of the districts to both the initiate and the informed. Crossroads of high asia pdf freeread or download now. Tso moriri wetland conservation reserve the wildlife guide rizvi, j. In the course of centuries, when the amount of available. Leh old town, ladakh a participatory approach to urban. Oxford university press has republished for the third time, the bible on ladakh, janet rizvis book. He took the surname namgyal meaning victorious and founded a new dynasty which still survives today. Owing to its geographic location near the longitudinal center of asia, ladakh, the land of high passes, has witnessed numerous demographic movements during the past millenniums of.

Social and economic characteristics of ladakh, india. Ladakh holds evidence that the himalayas rose from the sea of tethys millions of years ago with fossils of seashells at 4,000m,000ft. As such, the summer months from june through september are the best time to visit, with daytime temperatures ranging from the high 60s to 90s with nighttime dropping into the low 50s. From that point on, it has been known primarily as one of the centers of tibetan buddhism, due to its proximity to tibet and its substantial tibetan population. Sorry, we are unable to provide the full text but you may find it at the following locations. This highly readable volume offers the first authoritative account of the history, religions, culture, and social conditions of ladakh, the land often celebrated as the last outpost of tibetan civilization. Ladakh, last outpost of tibetan civilization, is isolated from the rest of india as well as tibet by the worlds. Crossroads of high asia only 1 left in stock order soon. Crossroads of high asia, oxford university press, new delhi, india. The life of william moorcroft asian explorer and pioneer veterinary surgeon 17671825. Ladakh liesin the words of janet rizvi 1983 at the crossroads of high asia. As the title of one of the best general surveys points out rizvi 1996, ladakh lies at the crossroads of high asia.

Having just spent three weeks in ladakh this is an invaluable book to read beforeand after such a trip. Since the main rivers flow through impassable gorges or in alluvial plains subjected to floods, trade and pilgrimage routes do not generally follow riverbeds, but cross passes. Hanle is located in the hanle river valley on an old branch of the ancient ladakhtibet trade route. High mountain ranges are not impenetrable barriers. The kashmir dispute has dominated indiapakistan relations ever since the transfer of power in alastair lamb examines the history of this dispute from its. Hanle also spelt anle or anlay is a large historic village in the indian union territory of ladakh. Ladakh simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is the site of the 17th century hanle monastery gompa of the drukpa kagyu branch of tibetan buddhism. Ladakh, last outpost of tibetan civilization, is isolated from the rest of india as well as tibet.

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