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This article applies to the ford f150 20042014 and f250 super duty 20052014. Enjoy music and handsfree calling via bluetooth in your sync equipped ford vehicles. Click on the i for your car and in the next setting turn on sync contacts and other options if you want. With additional services, like fords traffic, directions and information services, drivers can get spoken directions, traffic updates, and. Follow these simple steps to pair an android phone with ford sync and myford touch. Sync welcome to ford owner official ford owner site. Bluetooth bluetooth trademark with voice control lets you make and receive handsfree calls, select music, find directions available on selected models and even adjust the temperature with simple, spoken commands.

My ford sync cmax will only download select entries from the phone book. Invehicle bluetooth communications system powered by microsoft. Just came from ford dealer, tried with the dealers sony xperia, and the ford sync updated 28th sept 2016 in dealer service could be paired with that android phone with no errors. Excessive background noise andor poor voice sound quality. Sync steering wheel control swc switches being inoperative intermittently. None of our iphones could be paired with ford sync. The handset volume increases or decreases the sensitivity of the sync microphone. How to connect your music with bluetooth kentwood ford.

My ford sync basic reads bluetooth off, i turn bluetooth on, then try to connect my iphone 6. Step 2 after you have accessed bluetooth settings, you need to tap on discoverable or handsfree. Ford sync bluetooth troubleshooting tips ford tech. Bluetooth map is used by ford in select sync generation 1equipped 2011 and 2012 vehicles and also by bmw with many of their idrive systems. After pairing your connecting phone to sync, press the phone button to access the phone menu. How to pair an android phone with ford sync and myford touch. One of microsofts big pushes with the fall creators update is seamless phone and pc integration. A list of detected bluetooth devices appears on the displays screen. Upon successfully pairing your bluetoothenabled phone to sync 3, you can choose to automatically download your contacts. Make sure that your ford is not in accessory mode that its in park and running.

Contacts names not syncing to car bluetoo apple community. Sync automatically connects to your paired phone when you turn the engine on you dont even need to take it out of your bag or pocket. I have owned a 2012 ford escape for the past year that has ford sync. Sync bluetooth wont turn on i dont know if anyone here can help but i just bought a 2015 fiesta 2 weeks ago and my phone was paired and everything worked fine. Click on this video link for a short video on pairing a device to myford touch. My ford sync and phones bluetooth always worked fine outgoing calls, incoming calls, and incoming text messages to sync. Accessing call historyphone book during active call. Android phone is unable to sync messages and contacts to car via bluetooth. This video walks you through how to load your phone contacts to your ford vehicles sync with myford touch operating system. Connecting your digital media player to sync via bluetooth. Then a couple days ago, the bluetooth in my car turned off. After pairing your phone, slide the autodownload contact button. Ford mustang v6 and gt 2005 to 2014 how to connect phone.

A great tutorial to walk you through redownloading your phonebook on your 20 ford escape with myford sync. How to transfer your phonebook to sync sync official. The lexus lx and gs 20 models both also support map as does the honda crv 2012, acura 20 and ilx 20. The technology is easy to use and is designed to make the most of your cars advanced features while youre driving. The bo beuckman service center can complete the ford sync hard reset on your behalf, but this is something you can do on your own, as well the master reset process takes approximately 10 minutes, and truly is well worth your time. To determine if a phone has been tested to work with your system, go to the mobile compatability page and select your vehicle. I would push the button and say phone and then it would give the standard answer. Follow the prompts until you reach the point where you are asked for you 6digit pin. Phone book auto download inoperative on supported devices. Heres how to set up windows 10s continue on pc feature. How to connect to ford sync ford sync infotainment. If i voice command to dial someones phone number its will not find the person but provide a list, some of them have only first names. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Please note that not all devices or car have this option most only have forget this device.

How to delete a mobile from the bluetooth ford sync system in a fiesta duration. You can even let sync put together a personalized playlist. Sometimes your contacts list is the source of problems. Details of the cookies ford use and instructions on how to disable them can be found in the ford cookie guide ford cookie guide. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. You may need to connect a phone back to sync to establish the bluetooth connection. Enter the sixdigit pin number that appears on the sync screen into your phone. Has your phone lost its bluetooth connection to ford sync. What phones will work with ford sync and ford sync 3. Sync makes it easy to connect to your music and entertainment wherever you travel. Bluetooth with voice control lets you make handsfree calls, select music, find directions and. Press ok press the ok button to select autodownload a checkmark will appear in.

Are the bluetooth profiles on the nokia 920 not compatible with ford sync. Learn how to transfer your phonebook and contacts from your bluetooth enabled mobile phone to your sync system. To start pairing, press the phone button on the audio system. The ford f 150 or super dutys sync feature is a bluetooth enabled entertainment component designed to function seamlessly with any bluetooth enabled cell phone, making for an optimal listening experience during each drive. Sync standard on some ford vehicles the basic sync package offers voiceactivated phone calls and mp3 music search, plus stereo bluetooth audio streaming, a usb port, and a 3. Bluetooth phone directory empty sign in to follow this. Your vehicle should be parked, the engine running and your radio on.

For your mobile device, make sure that bluetooth is turned on and is discoverable by other devices. How to change your myford touch wallpaper duration. Discover ford sync, a voicecontrol feature that lets you talk on the phone, listen to text messages, or play your music. Discussion in android devices started by albalad, aug 26, 2010. When a message to begin pairing appears in the audio display, search for sync on your cell phone to start the pairing process. Make sure that your phone is compatible with sync 3 by checking our compatibility chart. How to manage your phonebook with sync 3 ford australia. Contacts do not show in car bluetooth pairing page 3 android. You can manually redownload your phonebook while your vehicle is parked and your bluetoothenabled phone is connected to sync 3. Compare the pin on the phone with the pin shown in the audio display and accept the request on the phones and the vehicles display. How to connect your phone apps to ford sync duration. I can make and receive calls faultlessly, but definately have to be able to access my. Open the settings tab and you can see under wireless and networks, the bluetooth feature.

The volume controls on the steering wheel or on the dashboard will only increase the playback volume. With the bluetooth connection, sync connects to the phone wirelessly. Ford offers desktop app to download phone address books to. Press the arrow buttons to scroll until phone settings displays. When you pair your phone to your ford vehicle, another layer of technological dos and donts gets thrown into the mix. Go to the bluetooth menu of your phone, locate sync, and select it. Sync is a system for pairing your phone to a ford vehicle, sometimes customers who buy a used vehicle have a difficult time doing so because they havent deleted the previous owners device. How to do a ford sync master reset bo beuckman quality ford. I noticed under bluetooth when i first connect it says voice, music, but after i try syncing down my phonebook phone disappears. Use the arrows to reach add a device, and press ok. Apple introduced bluetooth map in ios 6 for the iphone and ipad. How to transfer your phonebook to sync ford motor company. Second set of instructions after pairing and connecting your phone, press the phone button to access the phone menu.

Manually connect sync with phone because auto pairingdiscovery didnt work, i am manually entering the device press phone button system settings ok scroll to connect bt device press ok wait for generated pin number from sync on display 6 digits. How to manage your phonebook with sync 3 ford owner. Press ok press the arrow buttons to scroll until phonebook pref. In order to use sync, a drivers cell phone must be bluetooth enabled. Manage your phonebook to work with sync sync official. Just say the words and sync lets you do what you need to do, handsfree while you drive. Ask our staff here at kentwood ford to doublecheck. Solutions for issues between your car bluetooth system and.

Sync can read incoming texts to the driver, and place calls. Page 1 page 2 page 3 table of contents page 4 page 5 sync page 6 menu structurephone settings page 7 page 8 driving restrictions page 9 using voice recognition page 10 helpful hints page 11 page 12 using sync with your phone page pairing a phone for the first. Press ok press the ok button to select autodownload a checkmark will appear in the box next to it. Once you have selected auto download, sync will automatically update your phonebook and recent call history each time the phone connects to sync. Bluetooth makes it safe and convenient to take calls while driving your ford mustang. When i call someone on my iphone and switch to hands free the person listed on my screen is incorrect. Turn on your phones bluetooth and select phone on the sync screen. How to load phone contacts to sync with myford touch. On saturday morning when i was on my way to class the phonesyncvoice was working fine. Home owner sync support 1 the website uses cookies to enable it to perform properly, remember your browsing history and to arrange content to match your preferred interests more quickly. You can pair a phone with your ford vehicles sync system, and load your. Click on this video link for a short video on clean pairing a phone to the basic sync system.

If you have a 2017 model year syncequipped vehicle or newer, or. How to pair your phone to the bluetooth system in your car 32,973 views. Go to your iphone bluetooth settings and with bluetooth turned on the list of previously paired devices should show. Phone book access difficulty on certain 2digit phone book entries when using voice commands. During that time, my android lg g3 phone ran kitkat os. How to load phone contacts to sync with myford touch youtube. After pairing and connecting your phone to sync, press the phone button to access the phone menu press the arrow buttons to scroll until phone settings displays. More recent smart devices use the phone book access profile or. Whether you have an iphone, an android, a windows phone, a blackberry or really any other type of smartphone, the ford sync system should work just fine. Axz plan pricing, including axz plan option pricing, is exclusively for eligible ford motor company employees, friends and family members of eligible employees, and ford motor company eligible partners.

See your ford or lincoln dealer for complete details and qualifications. Turn on the automatic phonebook download feature, and every time you connect your bluetooth enabled phone, it will update any additions or changes youve made to your contacts. Ford sync is available with basically any 2015 ford model, sync with myford touch is also available on any 2015 ford model and also the 2016 explorer, whereas ford sync 3 is only available. A variety of phones have been tested for their compatibility with sync. How to transfer your phonebook sync official lincoln. It is a ford issue, they need to fix it or push a fix down. You wont need to add, delete, or edit your contacts manually.

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