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Issue 7778 art, technique, and technology in motion picture. History deserves to be remembered recommended for you. Sachtler ace m fluid head with 2stage aluminum tripod. Sachtler fsb 4 small professional fluid head for 75mm tripods. Fsb 4 code 0307 systems fsb 4 fsb 4 2 d fsb 4 md fsb 4 2 md fsb 4 sl mcf soom fsb 4 fsb 4 powerset fsb 4 2 d powerset fsb 4 md powerset fsb 4 2 md powerset fsb 4 sl mcf powerset us do not sell ground spreaders. All part of cookes ongoing commitment to worldwide service and support.

Tom day, one of the most renowned filmmakers in the skiing world, famously snapped a picture of his fsb 8 system frozen while on location in the alps yet still fully operational. Kula training technical engineering configuration part 1. The sachtler tripodset includes a fsb 4 fluidhead, a tripod eng 752 d, a spreader sp 75 and a cushion bag dv 75 s. Sachtler fsb8 soom hipod 75 mm mld equipment rental. Sachtlers 75mm bowl lightweight tripod, with the same high quality as its larger model compacted down to a smaller option for c300s to xf105 cameras. This head offers sachtlers sideload mechanism which boasts an exceptionally large sliding range of 120mm 4.

Manual manual sachtler fsb 8 manual manual 29 pages. There is a fixing for an additional pan bar dv 75 on the fluid heads. The sachtler fsb6t with 75cf carbonfiber tripod system is a tripod kit with a lb. Frictionless leakproof damping with five levels of drag gives you smooth, jerk and vibration free movement at all times. Speed lock 75 cf tripod, carbon fiber the speed lock cf is the fastest two stage tripod in the world. The sachtler fsb8 is a fluid head designed to work with the handheld size of dv, dvcam, hvx and hdv camcorders. Along with the rest of the heads in the fsb range, the fsb 8 is part of the high quality works with soom products, allowing it to be paired with sachtlers multifunctional tripod system soom, capable of height ranges from 8 inches to 8 feet 20cm to 250cm. The fsb 8 is the ideal head for professional hdv users. Sachtler fsb 6 fluid head with flowtech 75 tripod 2d. Sachtler just released the fsb 10 tripod head, their most recent addition to the longstanding fsb tripod line. The popular fsb series is expanding with the introduction of a new, entrylevel 100mm fluid head that offers increased payload up to 12kg, smooth as silk movement and affordable entry into the professional 100mm class for shooters on the go. The package includes an fsb8 fluid head, soom tripod with extendable soom tube, spreader, and carry case. The price for the caddy system includes the 7step dampened caddy fluid head, the ultralight, torsion free and rugged carbon fibre tripod with spreader and cover padded bag.

The miller solo legs are very heavyduty so once they are set they stay put. The fsb 8 provides a 10stage counterbalance, as well as five steps of drag plus 0 for both tilt and pan. Now sachtler quality is available to low budget users. The sturdy and reliable fsb 8 completes sachtlers fsbrange of 75mm heads, extending the payload range to 19. The sachtler system fsb 8 sideload fluid head with flowtech 75 carbon fiber tripod legs offer a professional tripod system for videographers who use cameras weighing up to 10 kg 22 pounds. Fsb 4 fluidhead the fsb 4 offers a robust aluminium housing and the speedbalance technology for swift balancing. Fully extended the soom hipod system has a maximum height of 98. If you have a look at the technical details, you can see that the fsb6 has a max. Find great deals on ebay for sachtler fluid tripod head. Rigs sachtler ace accessories professionelle ausrustung fur. Fsb 6 manual 1 1 safety instructions general information before using the fluid head read the manual. We have 1 sachtler fsb 8 manual available for free pdf download.

Sachtler video 20 fluid head 2d house toronto rentals. This fluid head can carry cameras and camcorders weighing between 1 and 10 kg. Benro bv4 pro twin leg aluminum video tripod kit bv4pro. I can successfully shoot with my 600vr down to 1125s without vr on.

Attach the camera plate to the tripod adapter plate around the camera. Sachtler fsb 6 fluid head with flowtech 75 tripod 2d house. The 4step pan and tilt drag controls offer a more professional style setup and help to repeat smooth movements. This enables setups to be mounted quickly and easily from the side of the tripod. It can be used on any tripod with 75 mm half bowl and distinguishes itself by its light weight and maximum stability. Its three horizontal and three vertical grades of damping, the reliable five. Sachtler 0775 fsb8 tripod system with speed lock 75 tripod. View sachtlers range of accessories here metricimperial soom trispread codes20040001 for 75 mm hd and soom tripod weight. Supporting it is the gitzo series 3 with 75mm ball adapter. The sachtler flowtech 75 system fsb 8 t ft ms 75mm ball is a 2stage carbon fiber tripod system featuring a payload capacity of 2. Sachtler 0164 side load camera mount plate for fluid heads fsb 4, fsb 6, fsb 8, cine dslr and ace l. If you need fast pans, you can completely disengage drag. Rent a sachtler fsb6t w 75cf carbonfiber tripod system.

Sachtler fsb 6 fluid head with flowtech 75 tripod performance tested in extreme conditions, the unique fsb 6 and flowtech 75 is easier and faster to deploy and adjust than any other tripod, giving the camera operator ultimate versatility and improving their workflow. It includes a sachtler fsb 8 and a set of sachtler eng 752 d hd tripod legs with a midlevel spreader. Sideload plate adapter for the dv 1, fsb 2, fsb 4, cine dslr, fsb 6 and fsb 8, artemis dv pro fx, md systems and the the ace l. Sachtler flowtech 75 single leg tripod with rubber feet ft and midlevel spreader ft. Gardena 8836 manuals and user guides, camera accessories. This fluid head features a 100mm ball mount, allowing the head to be used on a wide variety of tripod options from sachtler. Sachtlers fsb8 soom tripod is the perfect system when highangle camera visibility is needed on set.

The compact fsb 8t is the strongest 75mm solution from sachtler and is therefore the perfect partner for camcorders, modern film cameras and dslr setups. This head offers sachtler s sideload mechanism which boasts an exceptionally large sliding range of 120mm 4. Sachtler s20450001 fsb 10 100mm fluid head supporting up to 12kg sideload mechanism. This extremely sturdy and twistresistant carbon fiber tripod ensures that youre already shooting while the others are still setting up. This system offers sachtler quality in a complete tripod system. Da 75 l tripod, aluminium the new tripod for dv users with their compact dimensions, these tripods are indispensable companions. Most of the time i shoot indoors with a sachtler fsb4 head on sachtler legs, but i also have a set of the aluminum miller solo legs that i use when im filming outside in fields and muddy areas. While i respect sachtlers product line, three drag settings is not enough in my book. Find great deals on ebay for fsb8 and fsb 8 sachtler. Sachtler system fsb 8 t ft ms sachtler system fsb 8 t ft ms. Sachtler facilitate their work and enable them to shoot better pictures. Sachtler system fsb 8 ft sideload fluid head wflowtech 75. Database contains 2 gardena 8836 manuals available for free online viewing or downloading in pdf. The 8 step counterbalance steps 07 allows you to dial in the right amount of counterbalance for each setup that helps when changing lenses or adding accessories.

As of april 2, 2019, you will have access to the same great people, products and authorized service, just under a new name. Before mounting the fluid head on the tripod, check if the tri pod has a safe standing and if the tripod leg extensions are clamped. Proven technology and cutting edge design from an industry leader its a sachtler all the balance, control and flexibility you need. Although the head is compact, it will handle camera payloads of eight to twentysix pounds. Rent sachtler, manfrotto, gitzo and kirk tripods, tripod heads and other accessories from hawaii camera. The sachtler system fsb 8 t sl mcf system 750 is the tripod that blends sleek, modern design with user friendly functionality. Day, the principle cinematographer for warren miller entertainment since 2000 and an avid user of the sachtler brand, was one of the first to experience the fsb 10 and. Art, technique, and technology in motion picture production worldwide jon fauer, asc sept 2016 full frame leica m 0. Major brands like canon, nikon, sony, profoto and panasonic.

Sachtler fsb 8 t 75mm fluid head system with payload. The fsb 6 with 3, actually 2 since i dont think setting 0 should really count. The sachtler fsb 8 is a fluid head designed to work with the handheld size of dv, dvcam, hvx and hdv camcorders. Payload support of up to 10 kg and a large sliding range of 120 mm make timeconsuming fiddling a thing of the past. This is the first part of my sachtler fsb 8 the second part i s. Move the locking lever as far as possible to the left and take out the camera andor plate. Perfectly designed for all users of minidv and hdv cameras, sachtlers new fl uid heads have payloads ranging from 0 to 2 kg 0 to 4. New sachtler fsb8 fluid head by pvc news staff provideo. Sc0395 new sachtler system fsb 4 ft sideload fluid head with flowtech 75 carbon fiber tripod and mid level sp sold by adorama. View and download sachtler fsb 8 manual manual online. For projects that require larger camcorders, smaller film and dslr setups, having a fluid head that doesnt hold you up or let you down is a must. Cooke americas cooke optics lens specialists of north.

Caution 1011 system ace l gs cf 1012 system ace l tt 752 cf 10 system ace m ms 1001 system ace m gs 1002 fsb 8 0707 fsb 8t 0705 fsb 6 0407 fsb 6t 0405 fsb 4 0307. Hawaii camera rental has cameras, lenses, pro video, underwater, projector and grip rentals. This sachtler system fsb 8 fluid head with sideload plate, flowtech 75 carbon fiber tripod with midlevel spreader and rubber feet supports cameras and accessories weighing between 2 and 20 pounds, and is well suited for dslrs, mirrorless cameras, and small to mediumsized camcorders. Fsb 8 manual 1 1 safety instructions general information before using the fluid head read the manual. Sachtler fsb 10 tripod head released, 100mm compact bowl. Simply release the three easy to access clamps and the tripod is ready to go. Even that i wish it were more defined, but the cost of getting additional drag settings gets real expensive. Whats special about this is the fact that it has a 100mm bowl as opposed to the 75mm bowl of its other fsb series siblings. Features two 3 8 16 accessory threads for mounting accessories weighing up to 8. Dp and filmmaker nino leitner presenting sachtlers fsb series.

Sachtler 1001 3section aluminum tripod with ace m fluid. Grasp the locking lever with your thumb and index finger and pull down the red safety button. Sachtler video 25 plus fluid head 150mm ball base a193. Sachtler fsb 8 fluid head with sideload camera plate and pan bar. The sachtler 0475 fsb6 is a carbon fiber tripod system offering stable movements to deliver the best images possible. Before mounting the fluidhead on the tripod, check if the tri. Specifications kit included gallery external links. Before releasing the clamping screw on the fluid head with a mounted camera, the tripod must be secured against fall. Simply release the three easy to reach clamps and the speed lock cf is ready for action. Blackmagic forum view topic sachtler tripod suggestions. Fluid heads tripods pedestals lighting studio cranes.

Paired with a sachtler fsb 8 head, i found it easy to integrate into my regular camera packages, where it took the spot of a manfrotto or benro. The sachtler fsb 10 is the latest addition to their fsb line. Fluid head the sachtler fsb8 is a fluid head designed to work with a variety of camcorders up to 9kg. Fluid head fsb 2 fluid head fsb 6 technical specifi cations sensitive, fast and robust small heads for awesome shots. Jul 20, 2016 robertson, phillips, and the history of the screwdriver duration. Im learning how to use a fluid head but its hands down better then a gimbal. Sachtler system fsb 8 ft gs sachtler system fsb 8 ft gs. The fsb 8 head provides frictionless leakproof fluid drag with five levels of drag, for perfect pictures while panning, without jerks and vibrations. The focus 8 fluid head comes equipped with a sliding camera plate compatible with sachtler ace and manfrotto standard plates, spirit level and orientable pan bar. Focus 8 interfaces with all 75mm bowl base tripods and supports. System fsb 8 0770 system fsb 8 md 0772 system fsb 8 powerset 0770bxxx system fsb 8 md powerset 0772bxxx system 6 sb 0640 system 6 sb md 0642 system 8 sb 0840. Benro bv6 pro twin leg aluminum video tripod kit bv6pro. Most of the time i shoot indoors with a sachtler fsb 4 head on sachtler legs, but i also have a set of the aluminum miller solo legs that i use when im filming outside in fields and muddy areas.

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