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Raymond panikkars the unknown christ if hinduism k. Raimon panikkar quotes author of the experience of god. His father, ramunni panikkar, belonged to a malabar nair family from south india. The son of a hindu father from kerala, and a roman catholic mother from spain, a doctor in science, philosophy and theology, and a. His mother was welleducated and from the catalan bourgeoisie. Sanatana dharma raimon panikkar the mythology and practice of hinduism are outlined in this sensitive discussion of hindu faith and iconography. Bom into two major religious traditions, the catholicchristian and the hindu, he has been striving since his early years towards the harmony of a pluralistic world. Pdf this paper seeks to illustrate the growing interest in raimon panikkar, a theologian and philosopher. Raimon panikkar has 105 books on goodreads with 1142 ratings. Ashram gurudeva academy newspaper church temple resources hhe the vedas are mankinds oldest scriptures considered by hindus to be a direct revelation of god.

Raimon panikkar, raimundo panikkar alemany, spanish roman catholic theologian born nov. Hinduism and buddhism, a condition that situates him as a. He studied science at bonn and barcelona, eventually earning a. From the time he began to write until the end of his life, raimon panikkar explored the nature, foundations and characteristics of religion.

Sanatana dharma, and second, the unpublished indras cunningthe. Professor raimon panikkar, one of the greatest scholars of the 20th century in the areas of comparative religion, theology, and interreligious dialogue, died at his home in tavertet, near. Avoiding academic jargon, this book relies upon firsthand accounts and personal knowledge to. He was an indian and a catalan, born of a hindu father and a catholic mother. Christophany by raimon panikkar cliff notes by cynthia bourgeault this profound but complex study weaves together several key ideas in an intricate intellectual tapestry which draws on both theological discourse and lived experience, and on both christian and. Books by raimon panikkar author of the experience of god. In 1964 panikkar returned to india to resume his research into hindu philosophy, working for the christian institute for the study of religion and society 196875, led by m. Raimon panikkars christophany a day of engagement, reflection, and contemplation the son of an indian hindu father and a spanish catholic mother, panikkar was simultaneously a philosopher, theologian, mystic, poet, and catholic priest. He became an expert in both christian and indian thought, and his work sought to inculcate within. Klostermaier raymond panikkar is well known to many people who are concerned with hinduchristian dialogue. Raimon panikkar alemany, also known as raimundo panikkar and raymond panikkar. Raimon panikkars most popular book is the experience of god. Klostermaier, raymond panikkars the unknown christ of.

Bede griffiths and raimon panikkar came to india at approximately the same time in 1955 and remained close friends until bedes death in 1993. Raimon panikkar alemany, also known as raimundo panikkar and raymond panikkar november 2, 1918 august 26, 2010, was a catalan roman catholic priest and a proponent of interfaith dialogue. Intrareligious dialogue and silence in the life of raimon. His theological investigations were marked by his search for his own religious identity. One of the finest translations to the english language is done by professor raimon pannikar, who now lives in a small mountain village. As a scholar, he specialized in comparative religion. Sanatana dharma del autor raimon panikkar isbn 9788472455771. Raimon panikkar was born in barcelona, spain, in 1918 and is acitizen of india. Panikkar was the son of an indian hindu father and a catalan catholic mother.

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